If you had Endometriosis and had it removed by an endometriosis expert and still suffer from symptoms, you evidently have no endometriosis, but ADHESIONS!

You should consider to contact an adhesiolysis specialist and don’t be sticked with your endometriosis doctor as he can’t help you anymore!

You need a specialist for adhesions with the best results and success rates!

Your body is full of adhesions and if your endometriosis surgeon was a good one, your endo is cured and NOW you suffer JUST from adhesions that have formed after your endometriosis surgeries and are wrapping your bowels and organs and make your horrible symptoms!

We are adhesions specialists using adhesions barriers and gas less Lift-Laparoscopy to prevent adhesion formation and can help you to get rid of adhesions!

Forget the endo, forget your endo specialist, YOU NOW are an ARD sufferer for the rest of your life as to your many surgeries you’ve developed adhesions and need to take actions to remove them sufficiently to stop your suffering!