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I am Christine and I am 32 years old. When I was 16 years old I had a ruptured appendix, peritonitis and an emergency surgery. My life became a hell with bowel obstructions and 31 surgeries followed. My last surgery was at Adhesiologicum and it was the best decision of  life  because it saved my life.
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My adhesions journey started in 1998 when I was 16 years old.  On Friday 13th I woke up in the morning with pain in my lower abdomen but I thought it would be nothing so I went to school. Over the day the pain got worse and when I came back home from school at noon I felt really ill. I got fever, started vomiting, had bad cramps and pain so my parents called a doctor at the following day (Saturday). When the doctor came he asked me if I would have love sickness or a test in math because it would fit to my age to have symptoms like this in stressful situations. But I did not. He pronounced that I would have a gastric flu, left and gave me some Paracetamol against the fever. I didn´t feel better the next day, so my parents called another doctor. When he came his first question was “Why did you call me? Another doctor was here yesterday? Your daughter just has gastric flu. She will be better soon!” My parents asked if it could be an appendicitis and the doctor said “No!” This night when I was laying in my bed with this horrible pain I suddenly felt something burning and tearing inside me. This excrutiating pain made me scream into my pillow. The next day I was in a really bad condition. I was laying semiconsciuosly in my bed and I didn´t even had the power to lay on the side without a pillow in my back. So my parents called another doctor and this doctor said “Maybe it is an urinary tract infection! If it won´t be better tomorrow I will take some blood tests!” It wasn´t better the next day and I felt that life was leaving me. My parents called the doctor again and she came and said “Okay, maybe it is an appendicitis. I will take some blood. I need to have some urine values as well.” My body just couldn´t give the urine anymore, my body couldn´t do anything. Some hours later the doctor referraled me to the hospital because she thought I would have an appendicitis.The surgeon there said that he would take the appendix out which shouldn´t be a problem at all. I didn´t care. I just wanted to have peace for my tortured body and I was so so tired. I just wanted to sleep. When I woke up after surgery I felt something was totally wrong. I had tubes in my throat, my neck and abdominal cavity and after some days when I woke up more and more, I found myself on the ICU fighting for my life because of a sepsis. The nurses told me that the surgeon found my abdominal cavity filled over with pus and excrements due to the ruptured appendictis I had for 5 days.

After this big surgery on March 17th 1998 the surgeon told me, that without the surgery I would have been dead during the next 1,5 hours due to not-diagnosed ruptured appendicitis, severe peritonitis and sepsis. I took me a long time to get out of this life-threatening situation and after 5 weeks with ICU and hospital stay I was able to go home. The first day I came home I got fever some hours later and it stayed over night with abdominal pain, nausea and cramping. So the next day I went back to the hospital and they put me on TPN for 2 weeks and gave me antibiotics and pain meds. The symptoms got better so they send me home. Some days later the pain came back, the cramping, the nausea. I couldn´t eat, I have been constipated. I went to a gastroenterological doctor and he said “Well, you might have adhesions due to the peritonitis and the laparotomy. But there is nothing I can do for you because there is nothing that helps!” I asked if there would be a way to remove those adhesions but he claimed that this would not help. I should drink enough water and eat more oatmeal for breakfast and that would help enough! I tried. I drank 3 liters of water every day and I tried oatmeal as well. (For everyone who doesn´t know how oatmeal makes your intestines feel if you have really severe adhesions: imagine a huge gas your intestines. At one point you really don´t know what to do of PAIN!).

I went back and told the doctor that there is no way to “handle” it with oatmeal. He got a little bit upset and pronounced that I seem to be a little “depressed”. He gave me a prescription for laxatives and sent me home. Some weeks after my first and second hospital stay I had to go back to the ER. I was totally constipated, vomiting, nauseated, I had crampings and I had to vomit after ever little thing I ate or drunk. I had to go back 7 times from March 1998 to Dec 1998 and the treatment was all the same..every time: TPN, enemas and back home after two weeks. The same in 1999. The more times the doctors saw me the more upset they got with me. From their point of view I was a young girl with some stomach pain and some more depressions. They also mentioned, that I seemed to like to get that “attention” or if it may be possible to have some eating disorders? “You know…some little girls like to vomit after a meal…!”

My little need of “attention” ended up in a bowel-obstruction in January 2000. Due to ADHESIONS! They found my abdominal cavity filled with adhesions and conglomerates of them. So no surprise I was chronical constipated, vomiting, cramping for 2 years.

They did a laparotomy again and safed my life and I went back home 3 weeks later.I was full of hope that this nightmare would have ended at this point…but it did not. 2 months later it started all over again and even worse. When I tried to drink a little glas of water I had to vomit some minutes later. So the doctor-appointment-marathon started again.  And changed into a new circle of doctors because the “old ones” said they would not be able to help me.

One gastroenterologist told me that he would refuse to treat me until I would have met a psychotherapist. To make sure that I don´t have “phantom pain”. He also added that it wouldn´t be enough to see the psychotherapist one or two times. No, I would have to go there 10 times and before he wouldn´t accept me to make an appointment with him again. He also sent me to a food coach who told me that I should drink more water (I drank 3 liters a day at that time), asked me if I would have ever tried oatmeal for breakfast (“this is proofed to help!!”) and that I should prefer carrot cake instead of normal cake. Nice idea…if I wouldn´t have stayed away from any sugar, cake, cookies, chocolate etc for the last year to avoid constipation! And because it is very sad to vomit your birthday cake or chocolate anyway..When I saw the psychotherapist, she wanted me to make a “pain diary” every day, on which I could write down on which level my pain is depending of what I am doing. Short end of the story: after the 10th appointment she told me: “You are not a patient for me. You are definitely a patient for a surgeon. This pain isn´t in you head! It is true pain in your abdominal area!” I went back to the gastroenterologist (who seemed to be a little irritated about the “psycho-outcome”) and he told me:”Okay, if you REALLY WANT to have a surgery to remove those adhesions, I will give you the referral to the hospital!”

It may sound crazy, but I was happy to be able to get surgery!! Because I just wanted to get some help!!

I was 20 years old and suffering 24/7 without a break! When I got admitted to the hospital for surgery things changed: the surgeons started talking at me “Well you are just constipated, you have to vomit after you eat and you have abdominal pain. From our point of view this isn´t enough to do surgery. If you would have another bowel-obstruction it would be worth it to do surgery but from our point of view it isn´t worthy now.” What?? Here I am, with pain, not able to eat, chronical constipated, rectal bleedings because of it, with pain and cramping every day and you are telling me this?? They spoke with my parents as well and my parents started to agree with them. I still wanted to have surgery because I felt this would end up really bad and I also didn´t know how to handle or survive this disorder. I needed help! The clinical staff talked insistently to me. So after some days I felt BAD because I still wanted to have that surgery. I felt like a stupid little girl who is exaggerating the symptoms and worst thing: I started questioning myself and my pain. So in the end I accepted my subordinate role and quit the surgery ( I knew it was a bad decision but I wasn´t strong enough to keep standing)

In 2004 my symptoms went so bad that I ended up with another bowel-obstruction, so the surgeons had to do another laparotomy to save my life.This time I also got a huge wound infection in my laparotomy wound. The doctor removed the agraffe in my wound on two spots and opened the tissue with a scissor. He said” You don´t need an anesthesia because this wound tissue is fresh and doesn´t hurt either! And when the pus comes out it shouldn´t hurt anymore!” The pus flowed out..round about 150 ml, so a lot! But the pain was horrible..after he emptied the holes where the pus has been in he checked the muscle fascia with a cotton-stick to see if the bacterias got into the abdominal cavity. Everything without anesthesia. I didn´t scream because I always want to be tough, but the woman who was laying in the bed next to me said, that my whole face was grey when he left the room after this procedure. And I was done.The surgical wound had to heal open by itself and I had to purge and tamponade it on my own at home for the following weeks until it would be closed.

Before I had this ruptured appendicitis I was very active and did a lot of sports. When I was 3 years old I started Ballett, some years later horse-riding, I played Violine and when I was 12 years old I started fencing. After my first year (when I was 13 years old) I reached a level on which I was on place 2 in my state ranking list and I got invited to the National German Championships of Fencing (ranking 27 of Germany in my class of age). Until 1998 I continued to be that successful and on my last championship before my appendicitis I was on ranking 1. I also got my trainer license and gave fencing lessons to kids twice a week and had my own training units round about 6 hours a week plus championships and high-performance sport courses on the weekends.Then my life changed because of a little organ called Appendix.I had to quit all my sports and I had to quit fencing as well. First when it happened I had the hope that I would be able to continue after some time of break but it did not happen.

Because my days and my whole life ended up in daily constant pain, cramping, nausea, constipation, vomiting…24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

I survived the first life-threatening situation in 1998 but in 2004 I was still in another life-threatening situation because of Adhesion Related Disorder. And no one was willing or able to really help me at that time.

I tried to survive over the following years, went from one doctor to the other but no one wanted to touch me or help me. They all said it would´t be worth it to do surgery before the next bowel-obstruction (so they would have to do an emergency surgery anyway). One doctor told me that he would refuse to do surgery on me until I would sit in his office with a revolver on my head. It didn´t make a difference if I tried it with doctors on regional hospitals or with doctors on University hospitals.

In 2008 I thought I would never be able to celebrate my 30th birthday. Then in 2009 I found an Adhesion specialist on the internet. Dr. Daniel Kruschinski. I knew this would be my last try to get help. We talked and he was the VERY FIRST doctor who BELIEVED me and my symptoms without any doubts and who took me serious!! We scheduled the surgery for November 2009 and when he did the surgery and looked laparoscopically into my abdominal cavity he could not see anything but a wall of adhesions. No intestines, no organs, just adhesions.

To see more details about my surgery story with Dr. Daniel Kruschinski, some surgery pictures and read more about it just watch

To have surgery with Dr. Daniel Kruschinski was the best decision of my life. He saved my life and without his surgeries I would not be alive anymore!

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When I was 19 I was diagnosed with Endometriosis.  I had my first surgery and started my first round of Lupron injections which throws your body into menopause so that you don’t have your period.  Shortly after I stopped the Lupron, the pain came back.  About six months later I went in for another endo surgery.  When my doctor talked with me after the surgery he mentioned that they had found some adhesions and took them down as well.  I had never heard of adhesions and it was explained to me that adhesions were actually scar tissue.  This was the first time I had ever heard of them and I had no idea that I was entering into a nightmare.

Over the next 6 to 7 years I began the cycle of living with pain, having surgery, Lupron injections and as soon as the Lupron was stopped the pain would begin again.  Each time the surgeon would go in they would also take out down the adhesions.  I ended up having surgeries twice a year during this time.  I was rushed to the hospital at one point as I started to have horrible pain that felt different than anything else I had experienced.  They found that I had a large cyst on left ovary and it had to be removed.  So another surgery.  Finally my doctor felt that we had tried everything that was available to fight the endometriosis and agreed to give me a full hysterectomy.  I was 27 years old and had not had any children.  At this point in my life I had been living for so long in pain that I did not have any hesitation in having the surgery and being rid of the pain that endometriosis caused.

I thought this would be the end of the pain – for a short period of time it was.  I started having pain again but with this pain I also experienced extreme nausea and vomiting.  Again I was in and out of the hospital.  This was being caused by adhesions ( I have to say that I am one of the lucky ones because my doctor always believed that adhesions were causing my symptoms and my pain.  Unfortunately this is not the case with most adhesions sufferers).  So again a cycle emerged,excrutiating pain, constant nausea and vomiting, countless trips to the emergency room, partial and complete bowel obstructions, long stays in the hospital and surgery after surgery.   I never got more than 6 months of relief after the surgeries and after time went on the relief became shorter and shorter.

Approximately 12 years ago my large intestine stopped working completely.  I went through numerous tests and I was diagnosed as having colonic inertia.  Basically that means that they don’t know why it became paralyzed.  So I had a subtotal colectomy and they removed all but about 4 inches so that I did not have to wear a bag.  Unfortunately my symptoms returned, as did small bowel obstructions and surgery.

For the longest time I kept thinking that I was doing something wrong during my recovery process and I was causing these adhesions to grow back.  If only I could do it “right” then this wouldn’t keep happening.  It took me a long time to realize that I wasn’t doing anything wrong; there wasn’t anything I could do to prevent this.  But it didn’t stop me from blaming myself.   I think the emotional stress and depression is every bit as painful as the physical symptoms.  There were so many times that I didn’t know how I was going to be able to live with all the suffering ARD gives you.  I hate to admit it but there were times where I really wanted to die.  This was just another gift that ARD gave to me.

A few years after my subtotal colectomy my nausea and vomiting began to happen all the time – every single day.  After more hospital stays and test, I was diagnosed as having idiopathic gastroparesis (fancy way of saying they don’t know why I have it).  Since there is no cure for this I began living on a low residue diet and ended up spending month long stays in the hospital on iv antibiotics, TPN and pain relief.  They were able to find a medication (that is not FDA approved) that helps with my stomach emptying.  During all this time I still had to go in and have lysis of adhesion surgery.   The adhesions would get so bad that I wasn’t able to stand up straight; the adhesions kept pulling me forward.  I was unable to move without feeling like all of my insides were being ripped away from my stomach lining.  This was always a sure sign that they were getting really bad.  I had been living with constant pain for so long at this point it felt normal to me.

A few years ago I was surfing the web and stumbled across Dr. Daniel Kruschinski.  He was the first doctor I had found that speacilizes in adhesions and was successfully treating them.  I immediately emailed him and he got back to me by the next day.  I was shocked.  I read up on him and his technique and felt like there was hope for me for the first time ever.  I was directed to his patient contact list and I began talking with some of the women who had been to him.  While each woman had their own experience the one thing each said was that they would do it all over again because these surgeries with him gave them all an increased quality of life.  OMG, I felt like there was a chance that I wouldn’t have to suffer for the rest of my life.  I talked with my family and my husband and everyone was so excited.  The only downside was that he was in Germany and insurance wouldn’t cover surgery with him.  My family assured me that we would make this work.   Unfortunately for me within a week of finding him I had another bowel obstruction and ended up having to have surgery.  So I sort of filed him away for the next time.  Because at this point in my life I knew there was going to be a next time I just didn’t know when it would be.

The last few surgeries in the United States were so hard and I didn’t receive much if any relief from them.  The majority of my surgeries have been full laparotomies.  The first few were horizontal incisions and they were done by my bikini line so the scars weren’t too bad.  It got to the point though, that weren’t able to reach everything they needed to do so the rest have been vertical incisions.  Needless to say my stomach looks like a road map!!  I have had a total of 21 surgeries in the United States.

In 2011 began the worst couple of years of my life.  I was getting sick and sicker.  Nobody wanted to operate on me anymore unless it was life threatening.  I was in and out of the ER frequently due to partial bowel blockages.  But I couldn’t get admitted because they weren’t full blockages. Up to that point   my quality of life kept going down and down to the point of being basically bedridden off and on.  The pain was unbearable – the nausea was unbearable – the vomiting was unbearable.  My diet consisted of Slurpee’s because it was about the only thing that I could keep down. I prayed that God would bring me home because I couldn’t bear living like this anymore.  I contacted Dr. Kruschinski again and sent him my operative reports from the last few surgeries.  He agreed to help me.  This was in September of 2012.  The hardest decision for me was feeling like I was worth spending the money to go to Germany.  My husband told me that we couldn’t afford for me not to go.  I was so afraid to get my hopes up – my expectations were very low but I did have some hope.

I went to Germany in October of 2012.  He was able to take down 80% of my adhesions.  20% were in the small bowel and it would have risked my life to try and get those.  I knew after the first surgery that something was different inside.  I remember standing in my room and lifting my arms above my head and I felt something.  I panicked at first because I thought I felt pulling but then I realized that I felt my abdominal muscles.  OMG, I can’t remember the last time I could feel those!  Everything felt loose – I could actually twist and move without hurting.

It’s been over a year since I went to see Dr. K in Germany.  It was so difficult for me to believe the women who had gone before me that these surgeries really did bring them relief but now I was one of them who was experiencing this relief.  What they said about it drastically improving the quality of their life was true.  I am  experiencing this for myself.  My life today is drastically different.  I’m not perfect but the quality of my life is better than I could of every hoped for.  I have a friend who calls it her “new normal” and I think that is the perfect description.  I have not vomited one time since I went to Germany.  I don’t experience daily nausea.  I don’t have unbearable constant pain anymore.  Most of all I am able to participate in my life again.  I get to do all the things most people take for granted – cooking, laundry, etc. (still don’t like folding it though lol).  If I say I am going to be somewhere, I actually show up.  I don’t have to worry about being too sick to do what I say I am going to do.  I get to physically and emotionally show up for the people I love.

I am so unbelievably grateful to my husband and family for all of their support –  to Dr. K for being such a gifted surgeon and not giving up on us adhesion sufferers  – to the women on his contact list who shared their stories with me –  to the people on “Lets find a cure for adhesions” page for opening their hearts to me and sharing their lives – whether it’s a good day or not – to my “healthy” friends who kept on loving me even when they didn’t understand.

To anyone who is suffering with ARD, I promise you there is hope out there.  If anyone reading this has any questions or would like to talk, please don’t hesitate to email me at

Shawn O.,,
I am Shawn and am 52 years old. My story began in 1997 when my appendix was removed. I was not informed of the risk of adhesions with abdominal surgeries or the pain, vomitting or the bowel blockages. I am a mother of 3 beautiful children was a Treachers Aide, helped my husband farm and tend cattle. Beforing having surgery with Dr. Kruschinski no other surgeon could help as each surgery the adhesions got worse. I could not eat, pass my bowels without terrible pain and was having trouble even walking, breathing & sleeping. I am so thankful to Dr. K. for he gave my family back a mother & a wife.
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I had surgery with Dr. Kruschinski twice this past summer in Germany. I am at home in Canada healing and getting better everyday.

The nurses  and staff are amazing and the Klinik is one of the most beautiful places we have ever seen. The care was by far the best I have ever given and I would highly recommend Dr. Kruschinski if you suffer with A R D. this Dr. is highly skilled. In fact of the numberous surgeries I have had Dr. Kruschinski is the only one that removed my adhesions for good & the second look proved no reformation.
Since I have been home I am getting stronger by the day without any abdominal pain and my bowels are now working without laxatives & I continue to follow his after surgery diet.
The continued support from his lovely wife is something I never expected, she was a patient & they have both followed my progress even across the miles.
My family & community now know who Dr. K. is and we speak of what humanitarian he is. I want to continue to bring awareness to this hideous disorder as it is a painful robs us & our families of qualility & dignity everyday.
I myself never heard nor informed of the risk of adhesions from abdominal surgeries. But no one has to live in fear or with this hideious disorder anymore. I say this because we have an amazing skilled Dr. D. Kruschinski that has dedicated his life & career to save those who suffer from ARD.
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Tracy H.,
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I had severe endometriosis. It required extensive excision surgery. During this surgery, my uterus, left ovary, and appendix were removed; and endometriosis was excised (cut off) off of several areas: including my right ovary, which was severely adhered to my pelvic sidewall; my bowel (which was severely covered in endo, making it adhere to things it should not have, like my uterus – which caused pain with bowel movements during my period); my cul de sac was obliterated; and, due to a “chocolate” cyst that had burst a few years prior to excision surgery, I had debris/old blood throughout my pelvis…

Because my endometriosis was so severe, and so much excising (cutting) was done, I developed a few adhesions; and, my remaining ovary re-adhered to my pelvic sidewall (ie: it was covered in adhesions, again). The adhesion that caused the most difficulty, was one attached to/pressing on my bowel. This caused somewhat of a blockage, and made it very difficult to have a bowel movement. When my bowel movements became irregular, I knew something was wrong! Also the strange, sharp, shooting pains in my pelvis, that would sometimes shoot up into my chest and almost take my breath away, were another indicator that I had adhesions.

Luckily, I found Dr. Kruschinski, and Karen Steward (an ARD advocator), in an endometriosis support group on Facebook. After several email conversations with them, and previous patients that I found in an ARD support group and on Dr. K’s Endogyn website, I booked my trip to Germany…

My case can be seen here:

I am happy to report that Dr K’s surgery made all the difference in the world! My bowel is functioning properly, and I am happy to report that I have no further issues!

Charla M.,
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My ARD Story

My name is Charla. I suffer from chronic pelvic pain and adhesion related disorders (ARD) due to prior abdominal surgeries and endometriosis.  I have endured several abdominal/pelvic surgeries, to include two laproscopic endometriosis procedures, appendectomy, and gallbladder removal.

The first laproscopic procedure caused the majority of the scar tissue as the surgeon left me under sedation and CO2 infusion for over an hour waiting for a surgeon to come in and remove my appendix. I ended up with a staph infection and a navel that never looked normal again. The second endometriosis surgery resulted in a second staph infection with pneumonia. I ended up with a pic-line for several week of intravenous antibiotics.

From 2004 to 2010, when I had a series of painful attacks and ended up being misdiagnosed with fatty liver, irritable bowel syndrome, spastic colon, interstitial cystitis, and psychologically disturbed (pain all in my head). It was not until January 2010, when I was hospitalized for 24 hours, that the test results indicated that there was something wrong with my gallbladder. It was full of stones and infection. Unfortunately, some of the infection caused my liver to adhere to myperitoneal wall. Over time, I began having symptoms of gallstones again. My gastroenterologist told me to add fiber to my diet. Adding fiber only caused more pain. My primary care physician said it was all in my head and referred me to the ER for psychological evaluation.

It was not until July 2012 that I found out I had major abdominal adhesions AND there was nothing available in the U.S. that could be used to ensure that the adhesions would not return once they are surgically removed. Moreover, the FDA adhesion barriers that are available in the US have been shown to cause the formation of more dense adhesions!

I was misdiagnosed by so many US medical doctors along this journey. I was misdiagnosed with interstitial cystitis by a pelvic pain center. The diagnosis was not confirmed by any diagnostic procedure. This misdiagnosis resulted in three rounds of trigger-point injections (12 treatments per round), which only caused more adhesions, pain, and the inability to empty my bladder without the use of catheters. I ended up having to self-cath up to 6 times a day as a result of these unnecessary treatments. It was only when I refused further treatments I was told by a new primary care physician that I possibly was suffering from abdominal adhesions due to prior surgeries and endometriosis.

At this point, I was on daily doses of heavy narcotics. I had built up a tolerance that was requiring increases in dosages to get the same results. My new primary care physician referred me to a pain management center.

This hellish experience involved a series of excruciating spinal and pelvic nerve block injections. Needless to say, the blocks lasted a max of two weeks and I could only get one every six weeks due to the side effects and insurance regulations. I quickly learned that pain management centers sells what makes the most money…spinal procedures. It’s never about being cured. Treating patients means returning customers, which correlates to more money.

Eventually, my pain management doctor suggested that I was an ideal candidate for a neurostimulator implant. He indicated that the device would allow me to get off the narcotics all together and give me a higher quality of life.

The opposite occurred. The device caused burned me and caused pain that I did not have initially, and more trips to emergency rooms. The device was causing me to experience continuous shocks, even in the “OFF” position. My doctor at the pain clinic was no longer with the practice and no one would return our calls. Even the technicians from the neurostimulator manufacturer refused to return my calls. I had been abandoned by the very medical community that promised us a miracle cure for my pain. No other doctor would touch me with the device in my body. I was now in so much pain I couldn’t stand anyone touching me at all. I would fall without warning. My eyelashes and eyebrows started coming out.

I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t sleep. I had bouts of either constipation or diarrhea due to eating only ice cream, when I could stomach it.  I couldn’t do anything but lie on the floor in a fetal position and cry to God to just let me die.

I was desperate to find somebody, anybody who could save my life. One night in an ER, my mother got angry with one of the nurses who was acting like we were there seeking drugs. She asked her, “Are you waiting for my daughter to die before you decide to do something?” She replied, “No one dies from adhesions!” We went home and did an Internet search to prove her wrong. That is when my mother came across an article about a doctor in Germany, Dr. Daniel Kruschinski, known as the “Adhesion Slayer!”

We found several negative postings and sites on the Internet about Dr. Kruschinski. I will admit that I was apprehensive about going to Germany for surgery under a doctor I had never met and having to pay for the procedure upfront. I even had a teleconference with a US surgeon who stated he had a similar procedure to Dr. Kruschinski (without the adhesion barrier), but with a much lower success rate. When I totaled up the cost of both doctors, my out-of-pocket expenses would be about the same. The determining factor was my conversation with the doctors. Dr. Kruschinski responded to my emails immediately. He did not make me any unrealistic promises including the importance of follow-up care and adhering to his diet plan. He laid out the facts based on my medical history. There was always the possibility of additional surgeries depending on the extent of the adhesions and the type and location of the endometriosis sites. His techniques and rationale for his approach were based on medical research that my primary care physician agreed with. My doctor never said “GO!”, but, she stated if I was her daughter, she would be on the next plane to Germany. My mother and I got the same “go to Germany” responses from the last two ER physicians who treated me.

Dr. Kruschinski is the only surgeon we could find who has an 85% success rate with adhesiolysis. He has developed a surgical procedure, technology, and uses SprayShield (TM) barrier that is not available in the US (because it is not FDA approved). Having surgery in Germany under the skillful hands of Dr. Kruschinski was THE best decision I could have ever made.

At this point, I have developed new adhesions from endometriosis near my bladder, just like Dr. Kruschinski predicted would happen as he suspected I might have microscopic endometriosis. Should I need follow-up surgery to be PAIN-FREE, I will returning to Germany for another surgery under Dr. K. We are grateful that we found Dr. Kruschinski and the Endogyn Klinik. I have no regrets! Dr. Kruschinski is an awesome doctor.

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